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Launched in May 2017, Face Halo fills a gap in the market that founder Lizzy Pike could see was missing. A mom of three, Lizzy was having dinner with her friend one night and they stumbled onto the topic of cosmetics, realizing there was no truly safe and easy way to remove make-up. They came to the conclusion that you never really know what you're putting on your face. Then, Face Halo was born.

15 years of experience in fiber technology gave leverage to the products we see today. Created with effective and revolutionary fiber technology, each product works with the aspects of your skin to gently exfoliate and remove make-up in a quick and easy way.

Face Halo is a brand created with the planet in mind. Products such as The Modern Make-up Remover are non-toxic and reusable with a lifespan of up to 200 wash cycles. Face Halo is a forward-thinking company and understands the importance of sustainability, not just for the planet but for the future of our children. You can discover this range with SkinStore, an official stockist of Face Halo in the US.
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