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Gryph and Ivyrose is the product of three passionate parents who wanted to give the best to growing families. After a traumatic experience with her pregnancy, one of the founders sought help from a herbalist with experience in ancient Ayurvedic and traditional Chinese medicines. Noticing the unbelievably positive effect it had on her twin girls, Gryph and Ivyrose came into being.

Gryph and Ivyrose products are herbal-based, support immune function, and promote health in babies and children. Not just designed for a one-off use, but as a utility to incorporate in your everyday routine to promote optimal health. Their products, including herbal elixirs, bath and body treatments, and probiotics are completely organic and made in the US. They are also physician-certified, ensuring everything is safe to use on children.

With the health and wellbeing of children at the heart of the company, every product is made sustainably, meaning there is no trace of deforestation, water usage or pollution in the mix. There is no bleaching in the paper packaging, no parabens in the ingredients, and Gryph and Ivyrose products are made using wind energy. Browse their range today with SkinStore, an official stockist of Gryph and Ivyrose.
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