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While the hairspray-loving character Tracy Turnblad may have given the product category a big boost with the hit musical, hairspray has actually been a beauty staple since the 1940s. Hairspray can make your hair appear thicker and fuller and accentuate the texture of your hair. Even in humid or wet weather, these finishing sprays will give your style that extra body and bounce for a glossy shine to last throughout the day and evening. Formulas designed to replenish moisture and repair sun-parched and dry or damaged hair can also be found here. Available now in soft, medium and firm formulas, there are hairsprays for every hair type and style.
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Some contain special fragrance and glittery sparkles for those special occasions, while others feature anti-frizz ingredients to keep your hairstyle smooth and sleek. Hairsprays containing sunscreen are also just a click away to provide extra protection for your hair and scalp, and after-sun sprays serve to condition hair after sun and water activities. If you’re looking for a way to make your hairstyle last all day, hold that beautiful style and nourish and protect those luscious locks, you’ll find the perfect hairspray available here.