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Kneipp was founded in Germany over 125 years ago by Sebastian Kneipp, who is considered the forefather of naturopathic remedies and hydrotherapy. The brand uses a unique blend of nutritional elements, phytotherapy and extracted salts to incur body balance naturally and promote well-being. Detoxify your skin. Soothe pain. Choose Kneipp today, with SkinStore as official stockists.

Since 1891, Kneipp has expanded from its humble beginnings and is now a globally recognised company with partners all over the world. Kneipp products provide a holistic approach with the ultimate goal of nourishing your skin and reinvigorating your body. At the heart of the brand is its natural thermal spring salts extracted through traditional centuries-old methods. Untouched by environmental impact, thermal spring salts contain natural minerals and elements which contribute to body rejuvenation and facial radiance.

Kneipp's Arnica Mineral Bath Salts are a best-seller around the world. The product harnesses the power of aromatherapeutic oils, rosemary, orange peel and other ingredients to offer optimal restoration for joints and muscles. Arnica acts as a soothing agent for your body by cooling down overworked joints and restoring body balance.

Whether you need to wind down after a busy week or simply think it's time you treat yourself to a spa-like experience, Kneipp products are sure to do the job.
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Why Shop Kneipp Herbal Bath Products?

In 1821, a Bavarian priest by the name of Sebastian Kneipp did the unthinkable by curing himself of tuberculosis. At that time, no medical interventions could treat the disease, and so those who developed the illness typically died from its ravaging effects on the respiratory system. By using natural remedies, Father Sebastien managed to achieve what no doctor could do, and from that time onward, the priest devoted his life to developing herbal treatments for many conditions. Before his death, Father Sebastien turned his research over to a pharmacist, giving him permission to develop a line of remedies that would bear his name.

More than 115 years after the priest's death, the skin care range his work led to remains a trusted collection amongst men and women throughout the world. The Kneipp skin care range contains formulas designed to treat common conditions that plague the complexion and the rest of the body. All of the products in the collection use pure water and plant extracts to achieve results, making the Kneipp lineup pure, natural and safe for all skin types.

In the mid-1800s, tuberculosis often was a veritable death sentence, but Sebastian Kneipp, afflicted with a pronounced case of the disease, managed to cure himself based on information he uncovered in an old hydrotherapy tome. After a regimen of regular dips in the Danube River, Kneipp found himself shed of the affliction and was thereby inspired to explore natural remedies for a variety of ailments. His holistic and naturopathic investigations of water and botanical based therapies continue to inspire the company that bears his name, a business venture that received his blessing back in 1891.

The skincare products offered in the Kneipp line have been formulated in the spirit of five guiding principles of quality dermatological health and well-being: water, plants, exercise, nutrition, and balance. The brand eschews such harsh ingredients as parabens, silicone, and mineral oils as well as components derived from animal products. Instead, its diverse skin and body care products get their therapeutic and rejuvenating strengths from dermatologically tested and environmentally friendly formulations anchored by botanical extracts and other natural agents.

The ingredients Kneipp turns to include everything from citric acid (important for pH regulation) and hayflower extract to almond protein and vanilla extract. Whether it's a moisturizer for rough, parched feet or a spruce and pine imbued bath formulation, these products offer rich, soothing, and nourishing therapies informed by the naturally healing and fortifying resources of Mother Nature.

Don't settle for artificial chemicals and clumsy recipes: Treat your body right with the ancient wisdom and scientific acumen woven into each and every Kneipp skincare product.

Meeting the needs of your body invariably involves a diverse selection of formulas. Choosing well among the available medley of solutions for specific skin care needs is of paramount importance for the health and well-being of your body and skin. The full array of Kneipp Products has been developed using pharmaceutical experience in order to create exceptional formulations that can deliver on their promises of specific capabilities. They include a wide range of cleansers, exfoliators, moisturizers, bath-and-body solutions, firming-and-cellulite products, foot care formulas, and treatments. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, the creators of Kneipp Products have been able to manufacture innovate solutions that deliver highly effective results based upon holistic philosophies.

Offering a high concentration of natural ingredients, including rich botanicals, each of the existing Kneipp Products meets high natural beauty standards. Due to this fact, each of these items keep the presence of harsh chemicals to a minimum, while including a medley of natural ingredients in their formulas that are innately more gentle on the skin. Try them for yourself and discover just how gentle, fragrant, and effective they truly are.

Life can become stressful due to the demands that are continually being placed upon the mind and body. When this happens, it is important to seek relief in order to restore the natural balance the body needs to be healthy. The full array of Kneipp Products has been designed to provide refreshing benefits for both the body and the mind.

Are your muscles feeling tired and sore? Perhaps you need the relaxing capabilities of Kneipp Muscle Soothing Mineral Bath Salt - Juniper to re-energize them. A concentrated bath treatment blended with elements of the Juniper shrub, this unique formula is designed to increase your circulation while relieving the built-up tension that you are experiencing. Its unique composition helps to reduce the buildup of toxins within the body, aiding in an overall improvement in the way that you feel.

When the mind and body are feeling stressed, nothing combats this feeling better than an aromatic experience designed to balance and uplift your mental and physical capacities. The intensive formula of Kneipp Balancing Mineral Bath Salt - Lavender produces a relaxing experience generated by its unique blending of ingredients. It soothes and energizes as it relieves tension and fatigue.

Featuring a dermatologist-tested formulation, Kneipp Spruce and Pine Warmth and Energy Bath contains the rejuvenating capabilities of Spruce. As it is inhaled and absorbed into the skin, it works to reduce congestion and alleviate the lethargy being experienced by the body. As the warmth of this bath soak spreads throughout your body, aches and pains within the joins are minimized in severity.