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Luxury haircare brand RAINCRY was founded by hairstylist Feisal Qureshi after he was dissatisfied with the available hairbrushes in the professional hair industry. After flying to France, he recreated brushes that were of premium quality and high performance. What he felt was missing from the industry, he has now managed to bring to hair professionals across the globe.

Starting out with hairbrushes, RAINCRY has since developed multiple hair care products that excel just as much as their hairbrushes. It is not only Feishal's hairstylist knowledge that makes the brand stand out from others but the science and ethnobotany behind each product. RAINCRY focuses on pH-balanced formulas to create a hair product that truly nourishes your hair whilst looking after your scalp, too. Ethnobotany focuses on the scientific study of a certain practice, something RAINCRY believes is lost in modern hairstyling. That's why they use these centuries-old ideas in formulating products because they are tried and tested and work with the science of hair, encouraging amazing results.

On top of this, RAINCRY has eliminated damaging and undesirable components from its hair products including parabens, phthalates, and sulfates. It is also cruelty-free, ticking another box on the seasoned hairstylist's checklist. Browse the SkinStore range today as an official stockist of RAINCRY in the US.
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