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Founded by iconic mother-daughter duo Maria Sotiriou and Christine Sotiriou, SILKE London is a British haircare brand designed to help all women around the world nourish and protect their hair as they sleep. Launched in 2016, SILKE London haircare products are made of the finest 100% silk that regulates and promotes sebum production while reducing the abrasive movements of bed linen against hair follicles.

Inspired by the traditional wrapping methods of Maria’s Caribbean heritage, SILKE London products deliver incredible transformative results, ensuring women experience the same confidence they feel when they step out of a salon chair. The innovation at the heart of SILKE London is Maria’s extensive experience and knowledge as a hairstylist with a reputation for taming even the most difficult-to-manage hair.

SILKE London's main collection features the SILKE Hair Wrap, a high-quality, versatile, 100% silk bonnet that protects the hair from breakages, frizz, and split ends as you sleep. The remarkable material of SILKE London hair wraps has the perfect fit, weight, elasticity, and style so that women, regardless of their hair type, can experience the beauty of healthy and natural hair. Browse the range at SkinStore, the official stockist of SILKE London in the US.

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