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Get your mask on with Starskin masks for the face, body, hair, and lips! Shop the Starskin collection at

If you're looking for a face mask, the type of mask you get should depend on your natural skin type. We can help you find the right one!

If you have oily and/or acne-prone skin, you'll want a mask that tones, deep cleanses, and balances skin. Keep your eye out for ingredients like kale, charcoal, or juniper! These infusions and essential oils clean your skin from the pores on out, leaving your face flawless and squeaky clean.

On the other hand, if you're looking to nourish and hydrate dry, scaly, and/or irritated skin, you'll want a mask loaded with soothing and smoothing ingredients like coconut oil, camellia oil, or avocado. This will leave your skin soft and supple, without feeling oily or greasy. Pair it with an exfoliating mask or scrub to polish away dead, dull skin and reveal the bright, fresh face underneath!

In addition to these powerful face masks, Starskin offers luxurious treatments for the hands, feet, hair, and lips. The hand and foot masks allow you to treat the most hardworking parts of your body to a soothing blend of shea butter, rose water, and more. Next, tame dry and frizzy hair with a hydrating hair mask infused with coconut, jojoba, and baobab seed oils.

Then, add a final touch with Starskin-exclusive lip treatments like a Himalayan sea salt scrub or a plumping and softening lip mask. Starskin's exfoliating lip scrubs gently buff away dry and dead skin, leaving your lips smooth, polished, and kissably soft. Leave a lip mask on overnight for prolonged moisturizing thanks to a potent blend of murumuru butter, carnauba wax, and more.

Let your inner star shine. Shop's Starskin collection below.

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